ESITYSTAITEEN MARKKINAT 2015 | Taiteilijoiden esittely osa 18/22 | Introduction of the artists part 18/22

Eeva-Mari Haikala & Risto Puurunen

Eeva-Mari Haikala - Mekko (video-still)

I am a multi-disiplinary artist working with the video, photography, performance, sound and installation. Some people say I am a performance artist, but I prefer to identify myself as a visual artist, because my practise is broader than the term performance art refers to. Often my works, especially the lens-based performaces by which I am most well-known, have a twist towards theatre, text or the history of art (more preciesly historiography).
Using my own body and life experiences as a major part of my works, has made me think how dance, choreography and bodily remembering could work in the hands of the visual artist.

My aim is to find out the flexibility and possibilities of performance art – thinking outside of the box and merging it’s boundaries. I believe that being honest with the personal experiences gives the possibility to explore the humanity in larger scale. I salute the traditions of avantgarde, feminism, dada, Fluxus and the likes – which I’ll try to add into my language and style.


* * *

Risto Puurunen on Cleaning Women -yhtyeen perustajajäsen. Esitystaiteen markkinoille hän tekee installaation ‘Shadows in the Box’. Installaatio koostuu liikkuvista veistoksista joista muodostuu kolmeulotteisia varjokuvia kopin seinille.

Puurusen aiempia näyttelyitä ovat olleet suosittu ‘Shadows in the Air’ Oksasenkatu 11 -galleriassa (2014) sekä ‘Kylpy’ Olohuonenäyttelyssä (2015).

Risto Puurunen is a founding member of the Cleaning Women group. For Esitystaiteen markkinat he will create an installation called ‘Shadows in the Box’. The installation consists of moving sculptures that reflect three dimensioned shadowpictures on the walls of the box.

Former exhibitions by Puurunen are the popular ‘Shadows in the Air’ (2014) at Oksasenkatu 11 gallery and ‘Kylpy’ (2015) at the Olohuonenäyttely.

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